Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Things That Parenthood Has Taught Me

For 21 months, I have been a mother (30 months if you count pregnancy), and I have learned more lessons from my son and from motherhood than I ever learned in all the time that I have spent in school and/or working. I thought I would share my lessons and if any parents have anything else that they would like to add, please comment below.

  • From the moment you have a swollen pregnant belly, everyone has an opinion and unsolicited advice, and lets you know it. 
  • In regards to that advice, you as a parent knows your child better than anyone else and it is easiest to say, "I'll take that into consideration" than to present your side of things.
  • There are many hot topics in the parenting community and the easiest thing to do is keep your head down and mouth shut when any of those topics are discussed unless you want to enter a world war amongst parents. Some of those topics include:
    • Vaccinating vs non-vaccinating
    • Breastfeeding vs formula feeding
    • Circumcision of boys
    • CIO vs Co-sleeping
  • Every parent thinks they know it all and judges you, and at some point you'll be guilty of doing the same thing in regard to another parent.
    • This is the most important because when I was pregnant, I expected that my baby would be easy and sleep all day like my nephew did which he did not. I expected him to be crazy and never stop moving like other little boys and nope, he doesn't do that either. HE IS WONDERFUL JUST THE WAY HE IS, AND YOUR KIDS ARE WONDERFUL JUST THE WAY THEY ARE.
  • No matter how great or terrible an eater your child is as a baby, it all changes as he or she gets older. Kids go through eating phases. Nothing you can do can prevent pickiness but you can keep serving lots of types of foods, and eventually your child will go through a new phase.
  • You don't need to have terrible two's...they can be terrific. No really. 
  • A lot of patience, understanding, and redirection with a toddler goes a long way in preventing and diffusing hairy situations.
  • After all the "mistakes" I worry I made from the time my son was a newborn, I think he's an awesome kid, so maybe they weren't mistakes after all. 
  • Your pediatrician is a great resource for making sure your child is healthy, but never doubt your mom gut. 
  • Your child will grow up in the blink of an eye.
  • My heart is capable of growing bigger every day.


  1. My children/parenthood have taught me:

    * that there are three things you cannot force your child to do: (1) eat. (2) sleep. (3) eliminate.

    * to always take 1 more diaper than you think they'll need!

    * never comment on the size (or lack thereof) of a pregnant mama's belly. Just tell her she looks beautiful. Please.

    On a side note, my husband thinks babies/kids are a great way to explain away inopportune gas.

  2. So true! :) My husband does the same thing yours does LOL.