Monday, July 7, 2014

Hey there, other mom

Hey there, other mom, you and I do things differently and I know you think that I judge you. I know that you see my different parenting style as a slap in the face or perhaps it makes you feel guilty. That was never my intent. You see, we are two different people, you and I. What works for me and my family may not work for yours. Sometimes, I see a look on your face that says you're defeated and maybe think you want some advice. If my advice is ever unsolicited, I am sorry, because I have been there in your shoes and gotten unsolicited advice. There have been times I wanted to lash out and yell at the person who gave unsolicited advice that I disagreed with; but, I just smiled and nodded and now you do the same thing.

Hey there, other mom. Maybe you practice cry-it-out with your child and I don't; I don't think poorly of you but if you tell me that's the only way, I will fill you in on my technique. To be honest, when I hear a baby crying out, it makes my heart ache but I don't judge you at all. I try to understand you because all moms need to be understood and appreciated.

Hey there, other mom. I see your child throwing a tantrum in the store and I can tell that you're embarrassed. Everyone is staring and it makes you feel like a terrible mom. Guess what, kids tantrum and mine does too sometimes. I want to step in and give you a great big hug when you look like you're ready to cry. I want to try and help you diffuse the situation. I don't because I don't want to overstep my bounds. When you see me looking at you, please know that it is with a mutual respect and understanding because I've been there and done that with my child.

Hey there, other mom. I see you with a crying infant in the store and my heart goes out to you. You look like you really need a nap and for someone to give you a break. I see people stare and whisper, "Who brings a baby to the store when the baby cries?" I understand. You see, my son was a colicky baby and cried no matter what I did. Sometimes I cried with him. People stared and gave dirty looks, or told me to feed my crying baby. I get it. You do what you need to do and don't worry about anybody else.

Hey there, other mom. You are trying to discipline your child and have a different technique than I do. I practice gentle discipline so that my son learns natural consequences and I explain things to him. Maybe you do time-outs while I do time-ins. You think I don't discipline my child and you think I never lose my cool. Guess what, I've lost my patience before because I'm human just like you. I know that what works for my family may not work for yours, and I accept that. Can you accept it too?

Hey there, other mom. You and I aren't all that different. We both love our children and would do anything for them.When it comes down to it, parenting is not an easy task. We love our children so much that it hurts and we make decisions on a daily basis about how to handle each and every situation. Sometimes, we wonder if we have made the wrong decision and sometimes we pat ourselves on the back. Sometimes we fumble along the way. Sometimes we don't.

Hey there, other mom. I've got your back.

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