Sunday, July 6, 2014

Unexpected Phrases

Before I became a mommy, I had an idea of some quirky things that kids say and do. Not only have I attended college where I studied elementary education, but I worked as a nanny for many years and babysat; not to mention, I come from a large family! I was aware of the stages that both Piaget and Freud outline that everyone goes through. I've also witnessed and have been a part of the "why" stage when children incessantly ask, "Why? Why? Why?" in response to everything that a person says. What I wasn't prepared for was the little phrases that I would be saying either to reprimand J or to converse with him. I've definitely had some WTF moments. Here are some unexpected phrases that nobody prepared me for:

  • Peaches don't belong in your ear.
  • Don't lick the window. That's yucky.
  • We don't walk up the walls with our shoes on.
  • There's nothing inside of your belly button. It's just a little hole in your belly.
  • No, your penis doesn't have a boo boo. The hole is what the pee comes out of.
  • Mommy is too big to sit on your lap.
  • Please don't put rice down your shirt. It only gets into your belly when you eat it with your mouth.
  • Cat litter is not food.
I'm sure there were many other crazy phrases but those stick out most in my mind. What kind of WTF moments have you had with your kids? 

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