Friday, July 6, 2012

Cloth Diapers + Clothing...HOW????

One of the challenges that we cloth diaper mamas experience, especially when we first start cloth diapering is trying to figure out what to put our little ones in clothing-wise. Cloth diapers tend to be much more fluffy, even the trim diaper options are usually still a tad bigger than disposables. The reason behind this is that with cloth diapers, a bigger diaper = more absorbency. This is all fine and dandy until it comes time to buy clothing for the baby or young toddler. While the novice cloth diaper mamas think that the diapers are too big, the truth is that clothing is just created much smaller than it was in the past. Why? A lot of babies are in disposables, so the companies are able to use less material to make smaller outfits.

But do not fret! It is pretty easy to find ways to keep your angel appropriately dressed with a cloth booty :) My absolute favorite outfits are coveralls/rompers and overalls. With those, you can easily size up or even stick with the size your child would wear without the fluff depending on where you shop. I usually get the ones from Carters because their sizing is usually more generous. For summer time, J lives in the shorts coveralls for going out and about. But of course, on really hot summer days, nothing beats just wandering around in a diaper or even a diaper + a shirt. Seriously, fluffy butts are fun to show off! I reserve the coveralls more for when we go to places where it may not be considered appropriate for J to wander around in a diaper. In winter time, I like the long coveralls for inside or even size up with fleece pants, sweat pants, yoga pants, etc., with a nice shirt. I have no issue rolling up pants legs, and J doesn't mind. This year for fall and spring, I want to get some leg warmers. That way we can have his legs covered but still show off the fluff and then do a nice shirt.

For awhile, I didn't want to size up and it took trial and error to figure out what I could to do avoid compression leaking as well as prevent J from tripping over pants that were too big. However, we did figure out these neat little tricks with clothing and I have fun with my fluff! On diaper + shirt days, I match the diaper and shirt just because I can. Some people don't even realize it is a diaper my little man is wearing.

Happy dressing! :) Any other suggestions, please feel free to comment.

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