Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged"

The "Batman shooting" is one of the worse massacres I've heard of in a long time, and partly because parents are now arguing over whether it is acceptable to take children to see a midnight movie, particularly one of that caliber. I don't get it at all! I believe that every parent knows his or her child best. Yes, some kids need an early bedtime; mine is one of them. If J is up past 7:30 PM, he becomes a hot mess. I know other kids who are very different, and will not settle down until past 10. Does that mean that the parent(s) of that child is/are lacking? Not at all. Personally, I won't take J to the movies, not because I'm anti-movies for children, but because he is 14 months old and will not sit still for more than 15 minutes at a time. To take him to any type of movie would be unenjoyable for both me and him because he'd be miserable if I tried to force him to sit for such a long period of time, and for me because I wouldn't be able to pay attention to the movie.

Here's an idea, parents. Instead of hurling insults and judging the parents who did take their kids to see The Dark Knight Rises at that midnight showing with tragic results, why don't you pray for the families who are now traumatized? I'm sure that they're already questioning their choices, and that is a terrible place to be mentally. If you want to judge anyone, why don't you question the sanity of the guy who saw nothing wrong with opening fire in a movie theater full of children and adults?

Parenting should be a no-judgement zone. All of us parents are free to make choices based on what is best for our children, and I know that many of us will always wonder whether doing one thing or another is a mistake. So let's support one another. We all love our children indefinitely and unconditionally, and that is the important thing to remember.


  1. I've been reading your blog for the past two weeks and really like your style of writing.I agree with what you say about how each parent knows their child best and that we shouldn't judge.

    I've observed many different ways of parenting,as a nanny and a childcare worker and while I may not agree with every style,unless that parent is causing the child apparent harm,it's none of my business.

    Personally,I wouldn't take a child of any age to such a grownup movie,especially so late but that's my opinion.We're all entitled to our own opinions in this country.Free speech and free thought are two of the things that make this such a great country.

    What I don't find great about this country is the easy access to guns.They're supposedly regulated but it seems like if you want a gun bad enough,there are ways of finding one.The Colorado shootings are such a tragedy and I feel for the families left behind.When I think about that sweet little six year old girl that died, it makes me want to hold my daughters that much tighter.I feel things so deeply that it's really hard for me to watch the news, when they are talking about children.When I hear about a child victim,I feel like they were my own child,if that makes sense.

    Keep on writing!I look forward to reading your next post:)

  2. Thanks so much for the compliments! I also wouldn't take my son to see that kind of movie, but I also try not to judge because I don't know the parents' reasoning (I'm not a fan of kids seeing violence in movies but to each their own - I've seen people on message boards calling names over this debate and that drives me crazy). Sadly no matter what kind of gun control laws our country may have, criminals will always find ways to get them illegally. I find that to be true with all things illegal, though :(